Orange Little League
T-Ball Rules/Information
Welcome to Orange Little Leagues Tee Ball Division for players ranging in ages from 4-7 years old. Our program is specifically designed to provide an introduction for both parents and players to baseball and softball that is based on developing sound fundamentals, physical fitness and most importantly having fun.
The following is an overview of what parents and guardians can expect when they sign their child/children up for Tee Ball.
Orange Little League program will provide each Tee Ball team with the equipment necessary for games and practices. Equipment that will be provided to each team includes helmets, bats, balls, uniform (shirt and hat).  Families will need to purchase a glove. Baseball/softball pants and cleats are recommended but not required.  Even though some are provided, we do recommend that families purchase their child a bat and helmet not only to ensure a proper fit, but also to allow them to practice at home. 
Once registration closes, Managers/Coaches will be selected and your child/children will be assigned to a team. Parents and guardians are encouraged to volunteer and assist the manager during practices and games. The managers will need all the help they can get at this level. No experience is required just a positive attitude. Your help will allow the manager/coaches to keep play moving which will make for a fun and active experience for everyone. 
Once teams are selected, the Tee Ball season will kick off with a clinic that the entire Tee Ball division (players, managers and coaches) will participate in. The clinic consists of six to seven skills stations and a team and individual picture station. 
1. Team/Individual Pictures 
2. Fielding
3. Hitting
4. Throwing
5. Running
6. Stretching/Exercise
During the week after the clinic, the season will start. Each team will have two games a week, one during the week and one on Saturday. Games will consist of a 15 minute practice followed by a game.
Games are played defensively with five infielders: Pitcher (Helmet), 1st base, 2nd base, short stop and 3rd base. The remaining players on the defensive team will practice the basics of throwing, hitting and fielding in the outfield with a coach. The next inning the players that practiced in the outfield will occupy the positions in the infield and vice versa. The team on offense will bat through their entire line up before switching sides. Scores will not be kept. Games will last approximately 3-4 innings +-1 hour. 
Again, the more participation the manager/coaches have from the parents or guardians the more exciting the games and practices will be for the players and the spectators.  So please, participate in developing each players love for the awesome game of baseball/softball!!
If you have any questions, please reach out to our TeeBall Commissioner, Joe Smeraglino jsmeraglino@gmail.com
2020 Important Dates:
Manager Selections: Week of 3/9/2020
Team Assignment: Week of 3/23/2020 or earlier
Managers/Coaches on Field Training Session: TBD
Managers/Coaches Safety Clinic: 3/30/2020 at High Plains Community Center
Opening Day Clinic: TBD
Games Start: TBD, but no earlier than 4/20/2020