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Dear Baseball Players, Parents, Teachers, Therapists and Guardians:


Challenger baseball is the division of Little League for players with intellectual or physical disabilities.  We will play noncompetitive

games for approximately 6-8 weeks (1 weekend afternoon and on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon for practice) at Old Tavern Field- OT2 .  

We don’t keep score, and there are no outs – our sole purpose it to have fun, while being physically active.  We welcome players of all ages

who have different abilities of all types, both physical and intellectual, and who may simply need a more time or attention than typical players.  

A general description of Challenger baseball appears at http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/divisions/ChallengerBrochure.pdf


We welcome players of all ages (whether or not over 18).  In 2014, Little League adopted a rule clarifying that there is no maximum age for

senior players.  If you have any questions about participation for your older player, please feel free to send me an email OLL_CT@Aol.com.


The league registration fee for Challenger division is $50. OLL has never prevented a player (whether in Challenger or the regular divisions) from

playing if his or her parents could not afford the registration fee. If you need assistance with the fee please contact us at OLL will

defray the costs of the program for Challenger players whose family cannot afford the registration fee.


However, we ask those who can afford to pay to contribute all or part of the $50.00 fee. (For families the fee for two family member players is $100, additional players in Challenger will be waived) 


In addition, the league does not currently plan to require a fundraiser.  Please note that there is no late fee for registration in Challenger Little League - Challenger registration continues throughout the season.  Our focus is on participation, at whatever point in the season a player finds us.


In addition, please ask your friends and classmates if their players would like to play Challenger baseball, since we can always use additional players (the minimum age is 4).  If you have a contact person for the Special Education program in your district, or for a special needs program, please send us that person’s name (or feel free to forward this message) so that as many potential players and coaches as possible can learn about our league.


To register : simply click on this link 

We would like to place our order for uniforms by mid February, so it is important that you register  as soon as possible.